Top 10 Hidden Photo Gems in Bali


While many flock to Bali for its beaches, surfing, diving and resorts, the more lasting impression that it makes is through its people. The inhabitants of the small island are truly generous and genuinely warm folks. The rich and diverse culture of Bali is present wherever you look, with floral offerings placed everywhere, processions of boisterous locals, myriad temple celebrations and haunting traditional music.

At the end of the day, Bali will leave its mark on you, with its amazing sights, lovely people and a rich culture. While it is a feast for the eyes, with vivid colours at every turn, Bali is also a feast for your camera.

While some of these visually stunning locales have been talked about and are commonly knowledge, there are some veiled destinations that you ought to know of if you’re a shutterbug planning a holiday there. Coming from densely populated Singapore, the isolation in these lesser known, quieter places in Bali can offer much respite and a great change of scenery. Here’s are some of the best spots to snap a picture and take a little bit of Bali home with you.

While many enjoy the sensation of powdery sand between their toes at the beach, you won’t find that at Yeh Leh Beach. A little different from your usual sandy shore, Yeh Leh Beach is home to dark boulders and small stones strewn across the shore, glistening under the yellow evening sun. The sharp contrast of the ruby red sky, the placid water and the dark rocks makes for an enthralling frame.

Distance from Denpasar – 90 minutes drive


Quite accessible, but surprisingly not a famous tourist spot, this beach is slightly different as well. Naturally formed depressions in the rock surface on the coast create small holes, which fill with seawater as the tide rolls in. The result? Your very own private tub on the beach with an unbeatable view. Take a wide shot of the landscape, or a close up in one of the pools for that perfect Instagram profile picture!

Distance from Denpasar – 40 minutes drive

  • Referred to as the Broken Sea by locals, Pasih Uwug is home to one of Bali’s most extraordinary sights. The stunning natural arch that is seen today was once a cave. As the floor of the cave gave way to the weathering forces of the sea, the arch held its own, and continues to stand proudly today. A perfect shot captures the bittersweet beauty of the arch, which is a reminder of how time weathers all things.
  • Distance from Denpasar – 30 minutes drive to Sanur, then 90 minutes boat ride to Nusa Penida

Suluban Beach is where every surfer worth their salt goes to catch some big waves. However, if you don’t surf, there’s a hidden secret that is waiting to be discovered – the caves along the beach.

If its mystery and intrigue you’re looking for, the Suluban Caves are the perfect exploratory adventure for you, and you’re sure to take some moody, ethereal photos while you’re in there!

Distance from Denpasar – 60 minutes drive


A part of the Nusa Dua beach, the water blow is a unique natural phenomenon. The pressure of the waves builds up over narrow rock openings, forcing water through the gap and surging towards the sky in a glorious jet of foam and seawater. A dramatic photo opportunity presents itself at the Water Blow, but make sure you don’t get your camera wet, and you might want to bring an extra change of clothes too!

Distance from Denpasar – 30 minutes drive


Apart from beach vistas that are serenity personified, Bali is also home to simmering volcanoes. One of the best spots to snap a fiery volcanic view is from Pinggan Village, from where you can see Mount Batur. Apart from getting a shot of the volcano, the village is also a great place for night photography. Who doesn’t like the composition of a sky full of stars over a majestic volcano peak?

Distance from Denpasar – 50 minutes drive to Ubud, then 60 minutes drive to Pinggan


Atuh Beach is home to staggering cliffs which are a visual treat. However, the beach is also home to some vibrant coral reefs, which surface during low tide. Combined with pristine white sands, a dusky sun and a mesmerising sky, the coral formations come to life, making for an unforgettable shot.

Distance from Denpasar – 30 minutes drive to Sanur, then 90 mintues boat ride to Nusa Penida


The gardens of Sambangan aren’t much of a secret these days, but that doesn’t make them any less beautiful. There are also countless unexplored spots within the lush rainforests. Sambangan’s forests are hidden away in the north, and there are also cool water springs and cascading waterfalls waiting to be discovered. You might just find a rare animal species in your picture too!

Distance from Denpasar – 120 minutes drive


Another hidden gem in Bali, Melasti Beach is usually ignored by many tourists, which is a blessing in disguise. Quiet, serene and perfect for capturing the raw, natural beauty of Bali, Melasti Beach also has imposing elevated cliffs. Step on to one of the cliff faces, and you’re bound to capture an extraordinary Balinese sunset.

Distance from Denpasar – 50 minutes drive


While Sukawati’s sacred canyon might not qualify as a hidden gem because it’s been talked about a lot, it merits a place in this list simply because of its awe-inspiring beauty. No matter how many times you photograph it, its beauty remains unparalleled, and there’s always something new and different in every shot. Look closer and you’ll find some astonishing formations that have taken shape over the years.

Distance from Denpasar – 30 minutes drive

These 10 photo-friendly spots are reassurance that the definition of beautiful is a Balinese landscape. When you visit Bali, one thing is for certain – you’re going to return with a stunning photo album filled with countless stories!

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