9 Reasons Why You Must Visit Hawaii at Least Once in Your Life

At around 14.5 hours flight time, Hawaii may sound like a faraway world from our lovely Singapore home, but Hawaii offers many things that make this flight oh-so worth it.

Travelling for this long takes you to a whole new world, incomparable to anywhere else you may have been before. Here are our reason why you must make this trip to Hawaii at least once in your lifetime.

Hawaii is not 1 island but 8 different spectacular islands each offering something unique for you to feel, see and do.

For instance, Oahu is the urbanest of the islands, featuring large skyscrapers and lots of nightlife.

Kauai is the oldest of the islands, therefore the mountains are covered in lush vegetation and many white sandy beaches.

These white beaches are in contrast to the newer islands, like The Big Island, whose beaches are mostly a distinctive black sand.

  • Hawaii has a diverse cultural history, with its residents coming from all over the world. 
  • Each culture has brought something unique to the states’ cuisine over the years, including Chinese, Mexican, Portuguese and Thai, to name a few.
  • The local cuisine must be tried. It uses some of the best and freshest seafood, fruits and vegetables you could imagine.

The island of Kilauea is the youngest of the islands, and it is still growing!

This is due to the fact that its volcano has been erupting continuously for the last 30 years!

This is an incredibly unique thing to see!

  • There are a number of animals that live close to the islands, and you are very likely to spot many of them! 
  • All year-round, dolphins swim close to the shores, and in the winter, whales put on great shows for you to see. 
  • The islands are also home to many monk seals and the endangered green turtle.
  • The Hawaiians have strict laws protecting their animals, so never get too close to them.

Waterfalls all over the world are spectacular, but somehow, Hawaii pips the post!

You will find waterfalls all over Hawaii, but the most spectacular lie on Maui, so make sure this island is on the top of your list!

  • There is no shortage of things to do across the islands of Hawaii! 
  • From zip lining through the jungle, tubing old sugar cane waterways to mountain biking and diving, there are lots of things to keep you active!

Thanks to its location and island size, you can easily catch both the stunning sunrises and sunsets.

They are absolutely breathtaking and must be seen to be believed.

surf's up

We must of course mention surfing! Hawaii is reportedly where surfing originated, and the number one destination for the wave riding enthusiast.

Can’t surf?

No problem, there are lots of surf schools around Hawaii that are perfect for beginners. Imagine telling your friends you learnt to surf in Hawaii!

aloha amigo

Possibly the most important thing on this list. From the moment you land in Hawaii to the second you leave you will be well aware of, and surrounded by, the Aloha Spirit.

The word Aloha itself means both Hello and Goodbye, as well as Love and Affection.

Aloha is also the friendly and welcoming attitude that Hawaii is famous for, and it is just fantastic to feel. You won’t get a feeling like this anywhere else in the world.

Hawaii is a unique part of the world and its location on earth appears to be keeping it that way.

Now, it is just time for you to hop on that plane and head on over!

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