A Quick Guide to Finland

When you think of Finland, what do you think of? Lapland? Christmas? Snow?

You would be correct, but Finland is so much more. Think unspoiled wilderness, midnight sun, and the northern lights!

Quite different to Singapore isn’t it?

Here is our quick guide to Finland for the first-time visitor.

Finland is a Northern European country which borders Sweden, Norway and Russia. Due to its position in the world, Finland is also a very different climate to Singapore, you could say it is a little chilly in comparison!
  • You can fly direct from Singapore to Finland’s capital, Helsinki, with Finnair. Flight time is approximately 12 hours. If you are looking to visit Finnish Lapland, you will need to hop on a connecting flight at Helsinki to Rovaniemi, which will take approximately 1 hour and 20minutes flight time.

If you like winter activities, then Finland probably has it! From skiing and snowboarding to dog sledging, there are lots of activities to try out!

We recommend having a try at Ice Fishing or a fast-paced ride on a ski-doo!

If you are a fan of walking and hiking, try snowshoeing, which is basically a specific type of shoe to wear so you can comfortably walk on the snow.

northern lights finland

The northern lights are one of natures most spectacular shows, and Finland is one of the best places in the world to try and see them.

You can view the northern lights in Finland’s Arctic Lapland province between late October and May. These are also the darkest months, making the lights more likely to be visible.

Unfortunately, these lights cannot be guaranteed, but this area of the world is where you are most likely to see them.


The capital of Finland is a beautiful city. Helsinki sits on a bay with many inlets and islands. Its streets are full of modern design with lovely places to eat.

Whether a trip out on a boat is for you or hitting the shops for some retail therapy, Helsinki is well worth the visit!

Saunas are a huge part of Finland’s culture, and with a population of around 5million people and over three million saunas, it won’t be hard to find one!

Finnish people think of Saunas as a necessity, not a luxury, and this is something we can get on board with!

Lemmenjoki is Finland’s biggest national, and it can be found in Finnish Lapland.

The park is approximately 1,100sq miles and home to many lakes, remote rivers and stunning landscapes.

Rovaniemi, Lapland, is the home of Santa Clause, and it is here you can visit his home and office to have a chat with him, and also visit real-life reindeer!

You can visit throughout the year, not just at Christmas. The kids will love it!

midnight sun

Due to its location towards the north of the earth, Finland experiences dark winter days and bright summer nights!

Sounds a bit strange doesn’t it? Let us explain.

In the winter, due to the location of the country and axis of the Earth, Finland has very few hours of daylight. To the north of the country, the sun hardly rises at all.

During the summer, it is quite the opposite. The south of the country sees 24 hours of sunlight in June and July, with the north of the country having 24 hours of daylight right through from May to August!

During this time, when it would normally be night time, the sun changes colour to a more yellow/orange, a little like sunrise and sunset. It really is spectacular, especially if you are a photography fanatic!

As you can see, Finland is a magical country, decorated with not just stunning landscapes but spectacular skies!

Thinking about visiting? We think you should #SayYes.

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