7 Famous Movie Locations You Can Visit Around The World

Do you fancy pretending you are in a movie scene? Well, you can do just that by visiting these movies locations!

Not all films are shot in a studio, sometimes they use real, every day places that you and I can visit as their famous backdrops and locations.

Here are our favourite specific movie scene spots that you can visit.

jessica parker

Although Carrie’s apartment was famously on the Upper East Side, the actual stoop of her apartment can be found in Manhattan’s West Village.

Whilst Carrie lived in a small studio flat, the actual house is a massive 4,000 square home with four floors! It was reportedly sold in 2012 for S$12.911million!

phi phi island
  • Do you remember that paradise, with the stunning white sand in a tropical cove where Leonardo Dicaprio acted out The Beach? 
  • Well, this beach actually exists. (Immediately books plane ticket…)
  • Maya Bay in Ko Phi Phi Leh is now very popular with tourists, therefore it is not as empty and perfect as in the film, but it is still a stunning site to see. 
  • If you get up really early in the morning, you will get a chance to view ‘The Beach’ without most of the other visitors. 
  • There are a number of hotels on the island, meaning you can stay here, just like Leonardo did in the film.
equals movie

Singapore has been the setting of choice for many sci-fi films, including Equals, starring Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart.

Whilst there are many areas of Singapore within the film, you can clearly recognize Marina Barrage and Henderson Waves!

marilyn monroe
Fancy recreating one of the most iconic scenes in movie history? Head down to 586 Lexington Avenue, NYC, and stand on the grates, just like Marilyn Monroe in the 1955 film The Seven Year Itch.
grand budapast hotel
The inside of the Grand Budapest Hotel was filmed within the German department Gorlitzer Warenhaus. The store was due to be demolished, but thanks to the production of the film it was saved. You can recognise the hotel from the film thanks to the stunning staircases, columns and the chandelier. What a perfect location!
hunger games

Do you recall the huge atrium with glass elevators from the tribute training centre? Well, you can visit this exact location at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, Atlanta Georgia, minus the impending death of the games of course!

The tribute living quarters were filmed on the 10th floor with an additional film set built on the hotel's roof!

harry potter

Harry Potter lovers! Did you know that Hogwarts was filmed in a number of different locations around England and not just in a film studio?

Gloucester Cathedral was the location of the school’s hallways, whilst the Christ Church College and Cathedral in Oxford was the set for the stone staircase. A number of the classroom scenes were filmed in Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire.

Have you visited any famous film locations? We would love to see your photos!

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