5 Alternative Places To Stay In England

Nowadays you can stay in any number of weird and wonderful places, from caves and caravans to boats and towers!

England is no exception. Thanks to its long and rich history mixed with creativity and enthusiasm, the Brits have come up with some weird, wacky and clever alternative accommodation options for the travel enthusiast.

So, if you fancy staying somewhere a little different, why not try one of these unusual places to stay in England?


This fort in the sea was finished in 1878 and is the smallest of the 3 Solent Forts. It was declared surplus to requirements in 1962 and later sold off to private owners.

Luckily for you and I, the fort is now owned by Clarenco LLP who beautifully renovated it to become a luxury spa hotel with just 8-bedroom suites! You can even hire the fort for a private event. A wedding perhaps?

The fort is only accessible by boat, making it the ultimate, secluded getaway!

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  • This is rural, valley glamping at its very best. These 3 Mulino pods offer quiet and tranquillity, with views across the valley. They are also warm, cosy and eco-friendly!
  • In the nearby area you will find, as well as stunning British countryside, lots of sheep, walking and cycling routes, windsurfing and traditional British pubs.
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Want to be at one with nature but the thought of camping makes you feel cold and exposed? Then you need to check out The Quiet Site Hobbit Holes.

These bigger-than-they-look ‘holes’ are warm, energy efficient and offer lovely scenic views of the valley through their portholes and private patio areas.

Each ‘hole’ comes with your own facilities and can accommodate up to 2 adults and 4 children. The site also has lovely walks, fells, lakes, shops and more. The perfect country getaway!

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A folly is a building that has been constructed only for its decoration, yet has no practical purpose, like say a castle.

Whatever the reason it was built, it is a stunning and unique building and one you can stay in!

From the top of the 5-story building you can see 360-degree views of the lush Kent countryside, whilst inside you will be bathed in plush and luxurious furnishings.

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As one might imagine from its name, this particular accommodation offering is train based. Quite literally.

At The Old Station Allerston you will find 3 beautifully converted First Class Corridor carriages. Each one provides self-catering accommodation for up to 6 people.

These carriages were built in the late 1960 and the decor of them now reflects this era perfectly. The mid-century furniture will make you believe you really are stepping back into the 60s!

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England’s accommodation offering is vast, from city to country and beyond. Where will you be staying?

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