A First Timer's Guide To Vietnam

Vietnam Sea

With picture perfect views from almost every angle, Vietnam really is a unique country to visit. From vibrant cities to perfectly carved rocky islands, you will not be disappointed.

Vietnam is large, so here is our quick guide to visiting.

We are very lucky in Singapore to be just roughly a mere 2 hours from the exciting Vietnam. Many people travel from all around the world to get to this wonderful country, sometimes flying as long as 12 hours to get there!

There are also multiple airlines which travel there, meaning you can get a good deal!

The spring (February to April) and autumn (August to October) are generally considered the best times to visit Vietnam. Rainfall is lighter, and the temperatures are moderate.

Due to the sheer size of Vietnam, if you are looking for the best time to visit the whole country, this can be a little difficult. We will detail the best time to visit each major location further into this article.

Vietnam is large, so you may need to fly between some destinations, or you may be able to take a train or overnight busses. 

Within areas and cities, walking and bikes are a great way to get around, just be careful of the traffic. In some areas it may even be best to take a boat, which gives a completely different perspective on the area!

Vietnam Church

The capital of Vietnam is a mix of Southeast Asia, Chinese and French influences. Visit this vibrant city to try some of the best street food you could imagine and visit the beautiful temples and museums.

The weather in Hanoi is cool and dry in the winter, and hot and humid in the summer.

Hanoi Market

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is Vietnam’s most popular tourist attraction, and we are sure you can see why!

Take a trip around the towering islands by boat or sea plane to witness this yourself.

March to June, September and October provides the best weather for visiting Halong Bay. This is when you can expect clear skies and warm days.

Halong Bay

With towering mountains on all sides of this now modern town, it is the trekking base for avid hikers. Walk around the cascading rice terraces and visit the hillside tribes for a completely unique experience.

March to June, September and October are the best months for visiting Sapa with warmer weather and mainly sunny days.

This city has recently become a modern metropolis spilling with character. French-colonial architecture sits beautifully with temples, modern hotels, shops and restaurants. The city was formally known as Saigon but was officially renamed in 1976.

The weather in Ho Chi Minh City can be balmy all year round, with rain not really affecting tourism.

The currency in Vietnam is called the Dong, and the value of a Dong is quite different to the Singapore Dollar. At the time of writing, 1million Dong converts to around S$59.

If you are a Singapore resident, you are lucky enough to not need a visa to visit as a tourist, so long as your trip is no longer than 30 days. Hurrah!

You will need to make sure that you have travel insurance in place when visiting Vietnam. The country is vast, and depending on your plans, if you should need medical treatment you may need to be transported over a great distance. This could be very costly. You may check more details on medical coverage that Allianz Travel provide.


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