8 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance

We are pleased to provide you answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Best Travel Insurance in Singapore 2024 from Allianz Travel. 

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True Story: Mr. Tan was on an Internship program in Accra, Ghana from May to August ’13. On 19th June, he got involved in a road accident which caused him to sustain dislocations in both his right and left hips along with a laceration of his right elbow. He needs to get medical attention as soon as possible. 

Getting ill or wounded on an overseas trip can be an unpleasant experience. Being in the middle of medical emergency situation does not only interrupt the supposedly-smooth tour, but can also cause you a lot of mental and emotional stress. It would not be that convenient to contact any doctor that would assist you right away. At the same time, you won’t know if the hospital provides a quality healthcare service while you are abroad. After that, another big thing that you will be worried about is the cost. 

At Allianz Travel, we have the right coverage for you. When you get sick in the middle of your trip, you can call us right away to provide you a specialized doctor available in your area during the emergency. 
Trip Insurance is a smart way to secure your travel investment. If you go for a trip to Korea and spend more than $1,000 then it is advisable to take this type of protection. It will provide you coverage against unforeseen circumstances before and during your journey. Some of these situations include urgent medical emergencies, death of family member, severe weather conditions on your destination country, and riots or strike incidents. Just take note that we don’t cover if a typhoon has already being named or the government prohibit not to go to that area due to strike before you have booked the flight. 
You were traveling for a business trip to Madrid via Amsterdam. Suddenly when you arrived at Amsterdam, the flight going to Spain got delayed for more than 6 hours due to technical problems. Our travel insurance covers you for this. Just check out our policy wording for more details. 
Allianz Partners is a worldwide leader in the insurance industry thus; we have a team of assistance and medical specialists together with the competence to deploy our own expert doctors or evacuation professionals to the specific area of your emergency. We also give our customers the capability to choose the convenient time and location they wish to be transported. If happens that the unexpected and usually dangerous situation is away from city, Allianz Partners has the ability to send rescue to the when our customers need us most. 
It is always a great thing to just don’t bring with you your expensive belongings such as cameras and lenses, iPod, jewelry, laptop, passport and your smart phone. However, these are the things that you need the most during the travel. And if you bring these with you, they may get robbed, lost or broken. Our travel insurance policy may cover this provided that you give a police report details and other related requirements such as receipts or invoices. Please read more about our claims requirements here
Some luggage takes more than five days to be returned to the owner during the flight. We offer coverage to provide assistance to retrieve your lost baggage. 
You were done with your lunch in the middle of the jungle and then start to look for your medication. Suddenly, you realized that forgot it on your drawer at home. Having travel insurance policy is an advantage because you can call us anytime and ask for assistance to help you locate a pharmacy to buy your medicines. This is an example of concierge services that we provide for our customers. 
You were driving a motorbike in Vietnam and accidentally bumped a person that caused him to get seriously injured. The incident may let you pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to bring him to the hospital. Additionally, if the victim happens to sue you, it can lead you into a financial trouble. Worry no more, we provide coverage that protects you from any unexpected damage or legal matters that you might face during your trip. For more information, kindly read the Personal Liability section in our policy wording document.
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