A First Timers Guide to Norway

Do you want to see the best that Norway has to offer? Then you need to read the below article of our guide to Norway…

Many people do not realise how big Norway is, meaning that it is not possible to experience all it has to offer in just a couple of days.

Here are some stats to illustrate what we mean:

  • Norway is approx. 465 times bigger than Singapore
  • Norway is slightly smaller than California, but 3 times as long
  • Norway’s mainland spans the same distance as NYC to Miami
  • Norway is larger than Germany, with its mainland 3 times longer
  • Norway’s coastline is the longest in the world

As you can see, it is rather large!

The size of Norway means that as a visitor you will need to pick one or two locations to focus on unless you are looking to spend a large amount of time here.

Due to the sheer size of the country, with its vast land, mountains and low-speed limits, most Norwegians get around by plane, with a flight time between Oslo and cities like Bergen or Trondheim of around an hour.

For a more leisurely and scenic route, why not try travelling by train or ferry, and take in the stunning landscapes the country has to offer?

  • Norway can be seen as somewhat expensive, with hotel rooms starting from over $135. There are some more budget-friendly places to stay like hostels and guesthouses.
  • However, there is one place to stay that is completely free – a tent.
  • Now we know that a tent may not sound like your sort of thing, but it is free to pitch a tent almost anywhere in nature in Norway thanks to the principle of ‘freedom to roam.’
  • Picture that tent of your pitched next to a stunning, secluded pond or lake. That view and experience is free. Bliss.
The capital city is also the most populous country in Norway. In this unique city, you will find lots of museums, including Munch Museum and the National Gallery (where you can find other versions of the famous ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch), modern architecture, and, quite surprisingly, lots of nature! The city is nearly half covered in a protected area of woods and water!

Another popular place to visit is Bergen and a great way to get to Bergen, other than flying, is on the train. The views are jaw-dropping!

Bryggen in Bergen is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, made up of those pretty red, gold and white houses you see along the Harbour. If you are a photography fan, you’ll love this area!

Other things you can do here is head out on a hike, visit the museums or have a thrilling ride on a zip line! You must also take a look at the famous two-hour cable car ride up to the top of Mount Ulriken!

The fjords in Norway are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and must be visited. They are easily accessed from Bergen.

It is best to allow a couple of days or more to visit them as there is so much to see and do. Not only are there stunning views to take in, but there are also lots of activities like hiking and kayaking.

northern lights norway

Norway is a popular place to visit for a chance at spotting the Northern lights. For doing so, you will need to visit the very north of the country between the months of September to March.

Areas such as Tromso and Svalbad are popular places to head to, and you would need to take a plane from Oslo to get here.

The areas in Norway for spotting the northern lights also have much more to offer, such as whale watching and husky riding.

For more tips on spotting the northern lights, take a read of our article here.

As you can see from our guide to Noway article, Norway is an exciting and very different place to visit. We hope that we have now convinced you to say yes and head out on a trip to Norway!

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