Family Travel Tips: Relaxing Holiday Amid Covid-19 Recovery

Be Travel-Ready: 5 Tips for Safer Trips During the Covid Recovery

If you are planning for a family overseas trip soon, it is more important than ever to plan ahea

While public health measures, mass vaccinations and testing have reinstated travel, it is important to consider the Covid-19 safety requirements put in place by the various countries.

Here at Allianz Travel Singapore, we are dedicated in helping to minimise the hassle of dealing with Covid-19 travel recovery with Family Comprehensive Bronze, Silver and Platinum policies that offer:

●       Selected Epidemic/Pandemic Coverage including Covid-19*

●       24/7 Medical Assistance for injuries and illness

●       Lost, stolen or damaged valuables cover

●       Trip Cancellations cover

●       Paperless online claim

●       Great value cover for the entire family

There are many other benefits to give you peace of mind while overseas.

Here are a few suggestions for making your next trip abroad one to remember - all for the right reasons.

Before you can think about travelling, getting your family vaccinated is a priority. After being fully vaccinated, you can visit the government's Notarise website to obtain your HealthCert - also known as Pre-Departure Test (“PDT”) or Vaccination HealthCert. This must be authenticated/endorsed by the Ministry of Health before you can travel. You will need to upload your Pre-Departure test certification or vaccination certificate.

HeathCerts - taking the form of digital certificates or printouts with a clear QR code - can then be inspected and verified by relevant authorities in airports and at your destination.

Aim for a destination that will satisfy the entire travel party. This may not always be an easy feat – one may lust after long sandy beaches, while another may crave for the thrill of a new city. Kids may desire to visit theme parks or water parks. With this in mind, it is important to consider destinations that offer a bit of everything.

If you are travelling with children or older relatives, choosing accommodation within easy reach of beaches and attractions will minimise travelling time. And if self-catering is not your thing, then locating yourselves near a good selection of restaurants would be a wise choice.

Many of us hold fond childhood memories of great family vacations, hence involving the children in choosing a destination is a great idea. You may want to show them a world map or a physical globe and let them ponder over the many fascinating destinations you may wish to visit together - each with their unique cultures and landscapes. If you love the coast and they love grand architecture, why not explore the islands and temples of Thailand? If you seek nature and the kids want a theme park, a visit to Florida with its Everglade National Park and Magic Kingdom theme park would tick both boxes.

If you have wonderful memories of your last family beach holiday to Bali, or exploring Spain's Costa del Sol, why not plan a similar adventure? With Singapore reopneing the borders from April 1, chances are you’ll be able to enjoy an old favourite once again.

^at time writing of this article – 28/3/2022 

While the Covid-19 situation has improved greatly, there is still a risk that you could be affected. You or a family member may fall ill before or during your trip, which, without adequate insurance, could result in not getting reimbursed for your holiday costs, or large overseas medical bills.

Allianz Travel Singapore offers Covid-19 coverage* for these events, and many others. 24/7 Medical Assistance means you will always get the help you need - so you can rest assured you, your kids and other family members will receive the best care.

You will be covered for Covid-19* as well as other medical problems that might arise on your family trip.

We can recommend trusted medical experts, arrange appointments and organise direct payments (to selected medical providers).

Paperless online claims mean less hassle if something does happen.

Platinum Plans include up to S$1,000,000 cover for overseas emergency medical*. Silver Plans provide up to S$500,000 and Bronze Plans provide up to S$200,000 for the same eventualities.

And with Silver or Platinum Plans, you will also be covered for things like travel delay, luggage delay, and lost, stolen or damaged belongings.

Cheaper flights are often priced that way for a reason: they depart at inconvenient times and are therefore less popular. Any saving may not seem worth it if you need to wake the kids at 5 a.m. to travel to the airport. You may also be tempted to eke out the most of your trip by booking evening return flights, but if this means arriving home very late, you could have some irritable children - and adults - on your hands. However, for long haul flights, night travel may help ensure they get some sleep prior to touching down.

Book well in advance so you can ensure your family sits together on the plane. If you are travelling with young children, an aisle seat is a good idea for easy toilet access. If you are taking a long-haul flight with a young baby, it is recommended to reach out to the airline in advance for a bulkhead seat and bassinet.

You will also avoid problems if you remember to book your meals ahead of time. This is also critical if anyone in your travel party has special dietary needs.

Hotel, resort, or villa? If you opt for a hotel or resort, ensure there is enough space, otherwise all those extra amenities might not seem worthwhile. Picking a suite or apartment with separate/adjoining sleeping areas is also a good idea. Make sure kids are permitted in the pool, and choose central locations for easy access to attractions or the beach. You may wish to consider avoiding accommodation too close to the nightlife, as it may result in disturbed sleep, especially for the young ones.
Booking a self-catering villa will give everyone plenty of space - particularly important if you are traveling with teens. You will also be able to make your own meals, which will cut costs and help avoid the fatigue that comes with many restaurant visits. Also beware that while many villas look attractive, they may not always ideal for little ones: we're talking unfenced swimming pools and floating staircases!
A resort with lots of other children will help your own little ones develop their social skills - and have more fun. They may also be able to enjoy each other's company, giving you more time to unwind on the sunlounger. Look out for accommodation with communal gardens, swimming pools and play areas.
A packing checklist will help ensure you have everything you need while overseas. A beach holiday checklist will of course be very different to one for a camping break. Tick off the items as you pack, and give it a final check before leaving.
Long periods spent sitting on planes or trains can be challenging for younger children, so stave off boredom with plenty of entertainment. Magnetic games and drawing are great options, with a backup of digital devices preloaded with the shows and games they love. Child-friendly earphones are another tip for avoiding mid-air complaints.

All Allianz Travel Insurance Singapore policies now includes selected epidemic/pandemic coverage including selected Covid-19 coverage*, plus an array of other benefits to give you peace of mind on your travels . You can choose from Single Trip, Annual and Family policies that save you time, money and hassle.

●       Selected Epidemic/Pandemic coverage including Covid-19

●       24/7 Medical Assistance

●       Cancellation, Delay, Curtailment

●       Loss/theft/damage of valuables

●       Rental Excess cover (Comprehensive Silver & Platinum Plans only)

*Subject to terms and conditions and exclusions outlined in Allianz Travel Policy Wording
**Unlimited - Where used, the term ‘Unlimited’ means there is no capped dollar amount. Terms, conditions, limits, sub-limits and exclusions apply as set out in the Policy Wording. All costs and expenses claimed must be necessary and reasonable. Subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and benefits limits of the policy wording. For more information please click on the Policy Wording to read the Allianz Travel Policy Wording.  
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