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Greetings and a very good day to all!

People usually call me Yvonne and close friends of mine call me Von Von.

I am an Account Manager for Allianz Travel for the last 4 years and am still happily intending to do so.

My personal life revolves around my 2 cute and beautiful boys and I am happily married for the last 14 years.

My typical day can be routine like going to work, checking emails but being an Account Manager, I am constantly engaging with my clients, be it new or old.

I organise regular meetings, visits and training for my clients when I am not doing my routine office task.

  • I really enjoy organising regular meetings, visits and training for my clients as I love meeting people from all walks of life and they provide a different perspective on life and their jobs.
Because we have a strong claims support team regionally and so I do not have to worry when I need emergency assistance because I know I have the support I need. I do personally buy all my personal travels through Allianz Travel.
  1. Buy travel insurance as soon as you have purchased your air tickets or tour package (in case of mishaps)
  2. Compare the coverage benefits between insurers instead of seeking the cheapest rates (cheap usually does not mean good)
  3. Once you have chosen your travel insurance, Google Google Google for promotion codes (save money)
  4. Note down the emergency hotline number prior to your holidays (very important)

A 15 days private trip to Taiwan in 2017 for just my family of 4 (including me).

The 4 of us had our first experience of Paragliding in Hualien Taiwan which was so fun.

It was more exciting as I got to paraglide with my 26 months old boy strapped to me.

Paragliding is a definite must try in Hualien Taiwan.

  1. Always buy insurance regardless of the trip duration.
  2. Register yourself and your family members via the MFA website for safety or emergency reasons.
  3. Roll all your clothes so that you can squeeze in more in a single luggage.
  4. If doing a private trip, check and ensure that your hotel or accommodation provides all the basic necessities like towels, shampoo and soap, so less weight and packing in your luggage
  5. Rent a Wifi router to keep yourself connected (cheaper than the subscription from your own telcos)
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