5 reasons why you need to book travel insurance even if you are not travelling for weeks

booking your travel insurance now

Have you decided that you want to take a trip out of our wonderful Singapore and explore another country at some time in the future? Perhaps you have a business trip booked overseas?

But, have you booked your travel insurance already?

Why would you need to book your travel insurance now when you are not travelling for some time?

Whether you are familiar with booking travel insurance or not, still to this day many do not realise that you should book your cover as soon as you book your trip.

Leaving it too late to book your travel insurance could ruin all your plans and leave you out of pocket.

Here are the reasons as to why you need to book your travel insurance right now:

If you are going on a trip that requires you to be in good health, but you become injured in the time before you travel meaning that you can no longer go, providing that you have cancellation cover, you should be able to claim back up to 100% of your travel costs.*

Most people buy travel insurance to look after them should they fall ill whilst on their holiday itself. However, you may not be able to travel because of an illness before your trip.

Most travel insurance cover will cover you for this. Check your policy details for the amount that you will be covered for. Also, remember to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions at the time of taking the policy out.*

  • For details of this, you will need to check your policy wording very carefully, but you may be covered for things like redundancy, if the airline goes into liquidation or if weather conditions disrupt your travel.*
  • You can find more information on Allianz Travel Single Trip Plan or Annual Multi-Trip Plan trip inconvenience coverage

You may think that booking travel insurance 5 months in advance will cost you more but it doesn’t, and if needed, it may save you a fortune!

When you book travel insurance you are paying for the time you are actually away, and not for the time leading up to it, even though you are still covered for some things during this time.*

If you have made plans to travel a year in advance, anything could happen! Don’t be tempted to book your travel insurance nearer the travel time, especially if you have paid for your holiday already.

Make sure your cancellation cover is equal to, or more than the cost of your trip. Also, check the amount of excess that you will have to pay to claim cancellation cover. Some policies may charge quite an amount that would make the claim pointless!

If you would like some assistance with your travel insurance, we would be happy to help! Get in touch with us today: +65 6327 2210 or find out more about Allianz Travel.

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