Things to Consult Your Doctor Before Travel

Why is it recommended for you to visit your doctor before you travel? It actually allows you to have an idea on what health concerns are you going to face when you are going away.

  • Vaccinations – your doctor can help get the right vaccines and medicines you or your kids may need for the travel. Just make sure that you provide all necessary information required. Their recommendations may vary depending on your health history or condition, age, which country you are traveling, length of the trip, activities you will involve during the trip and others.
  • Some of the immunizations include vaccines for influenza, typhoid, hepatitis, yellow fever, tetanus, meningitis, malaria, and many more. These are advantageous especially when you are traveling with kids.
  • Pre-existing conditions – you can get advice about what to avoid during the travel such as extreme heat, cold, high altitudes, food intake, and other environmental factors that can trigger your illness or allergies. You can also ask about what to put in your first aid kit for treatment of the current and future conditions.
  • If you are pregnant – you can inquire about the possible health risks and be aware on what to do with those risks. They can give you advice on when to travel and not travel, vaccines to take, transportation concerns during the trip, environmental risks, and many more things you should know while travelling during pregnancy

Don’t hesitate to talk to your physician about your travel plans. He may give you additional health advice like buying mosquito repellent creams, sun protection products, ointments, etc. depending on season of the area you are going at. He will also guide you about the possible side effects of the medication you are taking.

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