Asthma and Allergies

Before you Travel

People with pre-existing conditions such as allergies or asthma are not limited from traveling abroad. You just need to know and understand how your body reacts on certain environment or food intake. In addition to your first aid kit, always bring your prescribed medicines (antihistamines, asthma sprays, etc.) with you during the travel.

You can also visit your doctor and seek for advice before your departure. In this way, you can prepare and adjust with the possible change of treatment that co-relate with your trip destination.

Never change the schedule of your treatment even when you are traveling by plane. If it is prescribed by your doctor, make sure that you ask for the DCI (common internal name) of the medicine. It would be easier for you to look for it in the foreign country in case you may need it.

During the Trip

If you are traveling by airplane, you must know that the air inside is very dry and cold. This can trigger any asthma attack.

The basic precautionary measure for this is to hydrate yourself e.g. drink a liter of water every four hours. So far the air in the plane is somehow filtered from dust and other particles that can cause the allergy. Please read the ways to make more pleasant flight.

At your destination

The Sun

If your destination area is going to be a sunny place, make sure that you are aware about the sun allergy that you might have. The allergy is really not to be very visible but might provoke irritations or burns if not treated right away. As we all know that the sun releases ultraviolet rays that are hazardous to our skin. Too much exposure may cause the allergy and might turn into skin cancers.You may want to find out the effects of sunlight.

The Food

Food allergy is not as common to all. However, if not treated urgently, it might cause a serious problem. Some exotic foods such as seafood or shellfish; and food flavor enhancer such as sulphites in wines can trigger allergic reactions. If you have a history of food allergy, make sure that be cautious with the foods you take. If possible, read labels of the packaging to have an idea of the ingredients inside before eating.

The Air

Expect that if you are going to large cities, you cannot avoid atmospheric pollution. Sometime you may experience haze. These situations should be avoided as much as possible as it can harm your respiratory system. Avoid having long walks, exposing under the hot and humid air, then get stuck into the traffic.

If you are going to encounter a health issue while on travel, don’t wait until you get back to your home country and check with the doctor. It is advised by your assistance company and is always there to discuss any questions with regards to your health.

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