Travel Insurance For Indonesia - What To Take Note of

For policies issued on or before 28th Jan 2021, SGT 4:59pm - Allianz Travel will not be covering any claims arising from The COVID-19 Pandemic for such policies

Travel Insurance for Indonesia

Check if your country has any travel advisories in place for Indonesia.

Travellers no longer need to produce a negative RT-PCR test result from their home country or area of birth.

Upon arrival, PPLN foreigners must undergo a COVID-19 symptom check, including a body temperature check

- RT-PCR is needed if: you have no symptoms of COVID-19 and body temperature is below 37.5 degrees Celsius

- RT-PCR is not needed if: you have symptoms of COVID-19 or body temperature is above 37.5 degrees Celsius

(Last updated 8 June 2022)

Depending on your visitor visa type, tourists can stay in Indonesia for 60 days or 180 days. This permission may be extended up to a total of 180 days.

A full list of visa requirements can be found on the Indonesian Immigration website.

Through the Online Visa Approval application, you can apply for single-entry visitor visas for 60 or 180 days.

For PPLN visitors, it is required to provide a copy of health insurance coverage which includes coverage for COVID-19 and medical evacuation to a hospital with at least the required level of care as determined by the local government.

All in all, make sure you are adequately covered by a travel insurance policy before your trip.

(Last updated 8 June 2022)

There are many accommodation options available in Indonesia, from 5-star hotels to more affordable options. If you're on a budget, there are also a number of hostels and homestays that provide comfortable and clean rooms at reasonable prices.
To find out more about what you need to prepare before travelling to Indonesia, you can read our simple guide here.

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Indonesian Rupiah
Languages used:
Bahasa Indonesia (most common)
(there are over 800 languages spoken in Indonesia)
Driving side:

Left-hand side



Dry season – April to October

Monsoon season – November to March

Plug Type:
Plug types C & F 

The price of airfare varies considerably depending on the distance, frequency, and airline standards. A trip from Jakarta to Bali might cost as little as US$35 one-way, but a round-trip ticket to Papua can cost upwards of US$350.

The Indonesian government-owned sea transport enterprise, Pelni, links hundreds of coastal towns throughout the country. To secure places, it is recommended that you make a reservation as soon as possible.

Trains may be the most comfortable and dependable mode of transportation across Java, where the bulk of Indonesia's railway networks are located.

The public transportation network in Indonesia is very limited, even in the most developed Java and Bali. Having your own car will allow you to travel to remote areas more freely. Renting a vehicle is straightforward: all you need is a passport and an international driving permit.

Food is a significant part of Indonesian culture, and with many food stands on the street, one must be aware of consuming them safely.

Spicy food is a staple in many Indonesian dishes, so if you can't handle the heat, be sure to let your waiter know.

it is said to avoid drinking tap water directly as well.

Indonesia's public health clinics are generally modest. Jakarta, for example, has excellent public hospitals, but rural clinics offer limited services.

Private centers, on the other hand, are neat, well managed, and up to date. In comparison to public facilities, English is spoken by a considerably larger percentage of the personnel. Furthermore, waiting periods are reduced, and there is a wide range of specialists are available.

For one-off trips

Single trip plan is suitable for an occasional traveller or those who are looking for a short getaway

From S$ 17.50

For family trips

Family plan provides cover for you and the members of your family who travel with you on your journey (maximum of 2 adults)

From S$ 37.50

For frequent travellers

Cover for every trip in entire year (max 90 days per trip). More practical and hassle-free for those who are planning for more than 3 trips a year.

From S$ 168

For 24/7 Emergency Assistance during your trip

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For claims enquiries

Call: +65 6327 2215

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For customer service

call: +65 6327 2210 

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