Frequently Asked Question About Travel Insurance

with Selected Covid-19 Coverage

Singapore residents were forced to stay at home for many months during the Covid-19 epidemic, and their travel plans were abandoned. However, as we emerge from the pandemic, the opportunity to travel has returned.

We understand that you may have questions about the Covid-19 coverage in our travel insurance products, which is why we've collected some of the most common questions - and provided answers. But do read the Policy Wording before you take out your policy.

If you're thinking of buying Allianz travel insurance, here are six common questions that Singaporeans ask about our policy in relation to Covid-19.

Yes. Singapore residents are concerned about Covid-19, which is why our policies have been developed to assist you if you're struck by it. This policy provides selected COVID-19 coverages.

Some of our customers want to double-check that their Allianz Travel insurance medical coverage includes being diagnosed with Covid-19, and the expenses that may result (e.g. attending or staying at a medical centre/hospital). 

Specific questions include: 

●     Will Covid-19-related medical expenses be covered while overseas?

●     Are Covid-19 expenses part of the overall medical coverage?

The short answer:

Yes - the costs of any medical care you need due to Covid-19 while overseas are part of your overall medical coverage limit.

So if you have a S$1,000,000 medical coverage and the Covid-19 medical bills amount to S$30,000, you would have a S$970,000 medical coverage remaining (for any other medical care that falls under "covered reasons' ').

Note that our Comprehensive Platinum includes unlimited** medical coverage*, making it an attractive policy for those seeking travel insurance with Covid-19 coverage in Singapore.

The key items include*:
●     Trip cancellation coverage
●     Trip interruption coverage

●     Travel delay coverage

●     Baggage coverage
●     Baggage delay coverage
●     Emergency medical coverage

●     Emergency transportation coverage

For the comprehensive silver and comprehensive platinum plan, it will include other coverage such as*:
●     Personal liability coverage
●     Travel accident coverage

●     Cruise coverage
●     Sports coverage (missed activity, equipment coverage)
●     Loss of travel documents
●     Personal money

The key items covered under the selected Covid-19 coverage include:
●     Emergency medical / transportation (if you get Covid-19 overseas)
●     Trip cancellation (If you are diagnosed with Covid-19 before departure)
●     Trip interruption (If you are diagnosed with Covid-19 during your trip and need to return to Singapore)
●     Travel delay (If you are required to quarantine during your trip)

*When you are diagnosed with Covid-19, our travel insurance will cover you against medical costs, cancellations and interruption due to COVID-19 that has impacted you.

However, no cover is provided for claims arising from lockdowns, changes in government alert levels, quarantine, or mandatory isolation that applies generally or broadly to some or all of a population, vessel or geographical area, or that applies based on where You are travelling to, from, or through.

No cover is provided for claims directly or indirectly arising from or caused by you commencing travel against the Singapore Government’s advice, or against local government advice at your overseas destination.

If you're affected by Covid-19 while overseas, you may want to know if you can extend the coverage of your Allianz Travel insurance policy.

Why you may wish to extend coverage (common concerns):

●     You are told to quarantine or stay in a medical centre because you've been infected with Covid-19, and will therefore miss your flight/ship.

●     Your airline changes your flight date due to border closure caused by Covid-19, or a spike at your destination (among other reasons). 

●     You wish to extend your trip/choose to stay longer than expected.

The short answer:

Yes - if your trip is delayed by a "covered reason"

As the Allianz Travel insurance Policy Wording states:

"If your return travel is delayed due to a covered reason, we will extend your coverage period until the earlier of when you are able to return to your point of origin or primary residence, or until you arrive at a medical facility for further care following a medical repatriation or trip interruption"

If you decide to stay longer:

If you wish to stay longer than scheduled at your destination (unrelated to Covid-19 or other "covered reasons"), you cannot extend your policy.

It ends on the date you entered when you took out the policy.

Our travel insurance covers* you against trip cancellations should you cancel your trip before your departure for an unforeseen covered reasons including caused by Covid-19 (affecting you, a travelling companion, or family member who isn't travelling with you - which might require you to stay at home).

Note: The policy does not provide coverage for acts, travel alerts/bulletins or prohibitions by any government/public authority unless expressly covered under trip cancellation/trip interruptions.

Our travel insurance policies also cover* you if you or a travelling companion are told to quarantine before or during your trip (the order must relate specifically to the insured persons - see Policy Wording for details).
If Covid-19 or other covered reasons causes a trip interruption, the insured persons will also be covered for expenses on unused non-refundable trip payments and deposits, and necessary incurred transportation and accommodation fees. .
If your travel plans are delayed for minimum required hours due to Covid-19 or other covered reasons, you'll be covered* by your Allianz Travel policy,  up to limits of the Policy Wording.

You may find yourself in a position where you would like to change the start date of your policy.

The short answer:

You cannot change the start date if you're Allianz Travel insurance policy once you've taken it out. But you may be covered* for certain events, or be entitled to a full refund.

There are a number of reasons why you might wish to transfer or amend the commencement date of your insurance, including:
  • Visa application rejected

Your visa application has been rejected and you've been asked to reapply for a later departure. In this case it would not be possible to change the start date, but you would be eligible for a full refund if no more than 14 days has passed since you took out the policy.

  • Trip cancellation

You've been forced to cancel your trip due to a medical condition (e.g. Covid-19); a personal reason; or government travel restriction (e.g. because of Covid-19). If any of these eventualities come under "covered reasons”, you can make a claim on your policy, so changing the start date would not be applicable.

Skiing and snowboarding are covered but only under certain circumstances, as outlined in the policy wording of your chosen policy:

Comprehensive Platinum policies: You would not be covered if heli-skiing or skiing or snowboarding in an area designated unsafe by the resort management

Comprehensive Silver and Bronze policies: You would not be covered if skiing or snowboarding outside marked trails or in an area accessed by helicopter.

In conclusion, Allianz Travel is delighted to offer Singapore residents great travel insurance at a great price, giving you complete peace of mind while abroad.

Whether you plan to explore Southeast Asian destinations such as Thailand or Indonesia, or venture further afield in regions like Europe or North America, with an Allianz Travel insurance policy, you’ll be able to count on 24/7 Medical Assistance and cover for many other unexpected events.

*Subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and benefits limits of the policy wording. For more information please click on the Policy Wording to read the Allianz Travel Policy Wording.