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Great Travel Insurance is here!

By securing your travel insurance through Allianz Global Assistance Singapore, you and your family will be protected on your vacation from unforeseen circumstances.

In case you should incur medical expenses due to sickness or accident, need hospitalization and evacuation, encounter travel inconvenience such as luggage delay, trip cancellation or theft, we have got you covered.

We carry out more than a million medical assistance and repatriation interventions each year by our multilingual, travel and medical assistance specialists who work around the clock, around the world. - annual multi-trip travel insurance

Our Annual trip insurance policy is designed for frequent travellers. It covers all holiday, or business trips throughout the year at a maximum of 90 days per trip.*

From S$ 167.44 (S$ 322)

[48% Off] Use code: next48 - single trip travel insurance

Planning to go for a vacation abroad or for a business meeting?* Worried about getting sick or losing your passport during the trip? Just choose Single trip travel insurance from us and travel worry-free.

From S$ 16.20 (S$ 27)

[40% Off] Use code: next40 - family travel insurance

It offers a comprehensive cover for the entire family travelling abroad on a holiday or business trip under a single premium.* Promo code 'next48' and 'next40' is applicable on family travellers till 16th October 2019.

From S$ 34.80 (S$ 58)

*Disclaimer: Subject to the terms, conditions and benefits limits of the policy wording. For more information please click on the Policy Wording to read the Allianz Global Assistance Policy Wording.

Travel Insurance Promotion

until 16th October 2019

Get up to 48% off Your Travel Insurance Plans.

Which travel insurance plan to choose?

Our individual travel insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage for you and the persons who are traveling with you, as detailed on your travel insurance certificate.

You can choose from any of our three plans; Bronze, Silver or Gold, depending on your needs.

If you are a frequent traveler for business, or a general travel lover who is expecting to travel abroad more than twice per year, we recommend that you purchase annual multi-trip travel insurance.

This travel insurance policy gives you more economic value at an affordable price. Find out more here

If you are only traveling once per year, single trip travel insurance would be best for you. Find out more here.

Are you planning on going on a holiday with your family? Whether it’s a long holiday break to the Great Wall of China, a beach tour in Thailand or a fly-drive to Malaysia, you can be sure that you have the right protection for the ones you love with our family cover.

Under the Family Plan, you can choose the single trip plan or the annual multi-trip plan, each with 3 levels of cover; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Cover benefits (under Family plan)

  • 24/7 Emergency medical assistance
  • 39 different benefits - one of the most comprehensive travel insurance policies on the market
  • Greater discounts for the whole family

Eligibility Criteria (under Family plan)

  • Maximum of 2 adults who may not be related
  • Any number of dependents (children) of either of the two adults
  • Children must be unmarried persons not older than 18 years of age or up to age 23 of age provided if the person is studying full-time in a recognized institution. Under this plan, you and the family members should travel together. - man-holding-red-rose

Choose The Plan That Suits You

Whether you’re relaxing in Thailand, shopping in Paris, or driving across Australia or America, or visiting family in Indonesia, we have a plan that will meet your needs. In Singapore, we offer three options (gold, silver, & bronze) of comprehensive cover for outbound travellers. To help you decide on the travel insurance that is most suitable to your travel needs, click on the Travel Insurance of the various Benefits above.

How to get an instant quote?

1. Simply go to quotation page.

2. Choose type of cover ( Single trip or Annual trip).

3. Select the destination and travel duration.

4. Choose ' Individual or  family' under the type of travellers.

5. Choose the number of travellers (or family members) and date of birth.

6. Get your price and purchase online!

Still Not Sure?

Still can't decide which travel insurance plan is for you? Have a look at our travel insurance buying guide , for answers to your Travel Insurance Sales, Coverage, and Claims questions. For further details, read through our policy documents, which provides you with an in-depth description of the Insurance contract.
For information on how to contact our sales representatives directly, please click contact us .

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