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Allianz Travel Lucky Draw
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^Allianz Travel Lucky Draw – Key Terms and Conditions

The promotional code 'travel40'

1. is valid until 25 June 2023

2. ‘travel40’ code is applicable to Allianz Travel insurance

3. is applicable only on the website of Allianz Assistance Singapore -

4. All benefits, limits, terms and conditions of the travel insurance plan purchased under this promotion are subject to the terms and conditions of the Policy Wording. By purchasing our travel insurance with the promotional code above, you are deemed to have read the Policy Wording and agreed to all terms and conditions and policy exclusions

5. Allianz Travel reserves the right to end such promotion at any time as it deems fit

6. All Prizes are strictly non-redeemable for credit/cash, non-transferable, non-assignable and non-exchangeable, non-negotiable, and non-replaceable if lost or stolen

7. Each Successful Purchase will automatically qualify for one (1) chance to participate in the ‘Allianz Travel Lucky Draw’

8. Please refer to our T&Cs for the full details about the lucky draw

For one-off trips

Single trip plan is suitable for an occasional traveller or those who are looking for a short getaway

From S$ 21.60

For family trips

Family plan provides cover for you and the members of your family who travel with you on your journey (maximum of 2 adults)

From S$ 49

For frequent travellers

Cover for every trip in entire year (max 90 days per trip). More practical and hassle-free for those planning for more than 3 trips a year.

From S$ 259

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