Affordable Travel Insurance

Affordable Travel Insurance

Having a long holiday and want the cheapest travel insurance? Check out our comprehensive travellers insurance for you, and your family. Allianz Travel provides travellers with policies that has a great benefits regardless of which destination you want to go - ASEAN, Asia Pacific, or Worldwide.

Typically, when a person traveling is on a tight budget, getting a travel insurance is just an additional cost. He or she would prefer to use your extra money and spend it on something else during the trip. However, we won't know when would unexpected cirscumstances will occur which can turn the holiday into a nightmare. These include losing the check-in baggage when landed at the destination area, got robbed or stolen passport, or even cancellation of your next flight due to an extreme weather conditions. Who will you turn to when these will happen? It might make you to consider buying a travel insurance protection.

With Allianz Travel’s travel insurance, you are covered against unforeseen situations while you are traveling internationally. Selling at a low cost does not mean that the service we are giving is being compromised. Other insurers may offer discounted promotions on their products but may have lesser coverage or may not be as accessible to you during the time of emergency.

Allianz Travel is part of Allianz Group, the world’s largest insurance company in providing assistance and travel insurance – which has proven expertise in providing quality assistance in the insurance industry.

So before going for your trip, try to reflect and think about risks you might encounter. Is the food there clean? Do they have access where to buy bottled water? Do I understand their language? What is their mode of transport and is it safe? How secured can my belongings be?

As a worldwide leader in the insurance industry, our premiums cover you for emergency international medical evacuation, hospital expenses, repatriation, luggage delay, flight cancellation, personal liability, and many more.

You can buy your cheap travel insurance directly here.

If you prefer to inquire us first before buying, you can also contact us at +65 6327 2210.