7 Tips For Forgetting About Work and Unwind on Vacation

Do you have a hectic and busy working life in Singapore which can make it difficult for you to unwind on vacation?

The stress of finishing up work before you go, the travelling itself and knowing you may have a large workload on your return, often make you may feel like you need a holiday to get over the holiday! (Which would be lovely of course!)

Here are our top tips to help you relax your mind and body when you are on vacation. You can thank us later.

Holidays may feel like they are still far away, but they can creep up on you without you ticking off the last things on your list.

Make sure you keep the last day in the office clear. Use this day to make sure you have everything that needs doing before or whilst you are away, done and dusted. Check your colleagues know what needs to be done whilst you are away and set that all-important Out of Office reply!

It is also wise to make a ‘must do before I leave’ list one week before you go. Anything that doesn’t need to be on that list can wait until your return.

  • Are you worried about the number of unread emails you are going to have on your return?
  • If you are going away for a week or more, chances are most of these emails will have been dealt with and could cause extra confusion or unnecessary work trying to sort what needs to be addressed or not.
  • We recommend asking your direct staff members to refrain from emailing you whilst you are out of office, and instead make a small report or list of the things that need your attention on your return. This will keep things organized and your inbox smaller!

Bad move! You will undoubtedly see an email that requires your urgent attention. Except it doesn’t, because you are on holiday, your team know you are on holiday, and the recipient of the email got an out of office response that you are on holiday.

You are now thinking about that email, aren’t you? You are just going to respond to that one, but now everyone knows you are checking emails on holiday…

Simple answer, just don’t.

There may be a need that you have to check your emails for a particular project, one you simply cannot get away from. If this is the case, set aside one hour per day to connect, sort it out, then disconnect right away, and do not come back to it again that day.

Make sure others, if needed, know when that hour is and that you will not be contactable outside of this time.


For some, the thought of not being on social media can be stressful itself. Perhaps you really enjoy looking at Instagram feeds when you are relaxing in the sun, and possibly sharing some cheeky photos of your trip too!

That is fine. If that is what you want to do. It’s your holiday!

It can feel a little odd to some that you have all this free time, but you need to make the most of it! Take a walk through the old town, buy some gifts, fall asleep on the sun lounger, read a book. Do not feel bad about it! Just because you are not busy, doesn’t mean you need to fill your time with work! Relax.

Perhaps you have a stressful job with long hours. Perhaps you do not get to spend as much time with your children as you would like. On holiday, you are all together, all of the time without the distractions of home. Really enjoy it.

Use this time to gain a little perspective on life. Perhaps that stressful job may not be worth it, or there are somethings you can change at home to improve your relationships?


Vacations are there to allow us to get away from everything, unwind, free our minds and refresh for our return.

We hope that, wherever you are off to next, you can switch off and recharge.

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