Be Travel-Ready: 5 Tips for Safer Trips During the Covid Recovery

Be Travel-Ready: 5 Tips for Safer Trips During the Covid Recovery

Preparation has always been a key aspect of travel, but the Covid-19 pandemic has made travel research and planning even more important.

Like many others, you may be preparing to travel again. In addition to ensuring you have the relevant travel insurance with Covid coverage, there are other steps you should take to ensure a trouble-free trip.

Authorities worldwide have implemented a range of safety measures to help reopen borders safely to ensure that travelling during the Covid-19 recovery continues to be possible.

Here are five essential areas of preparation to help you stay safe before, during and after your travels. 

It is almost impossible to travel quarantine-free without being vaccinated against Covid-19; many countries require arrivals to be fully vaccinated before permitting entry. This is unlikely to be an issue for most Singaporeans and Singapore residents since the nation has a high full vaccination rate.

You will need to wait 14 days after your second vaccination before travelling. This is because it takes time for your body to build up immunity. If you travel before you are considered fully vaccinated, you may be required to serve quarantine, which could significantly increase the cost of your trip.

Can I still get Covid-19 after double vaccination?

Although vaccination reduces the chances of contracting Covid-19 and lessens the risk of hospitalisation, you can still contract Covid-19 if you have been fully vaccinated. Hence, it is critical to purchase a travel insurance with Covid coverage* before you leave Singapore (see below).

You may be required, at your own expense, to take a Covid-19 test before and/or after arrival at your destination. These are mandated to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

You have to ensure that these requirements are met before your trip, or you may be turned away at the check-in desk (travel insurance will not cover you if you do not get a required test and are subsequently not permitted to travel). Be aware that entry requirements are fluid and may change over time - often at short notice - so make sure you stay informed.

Complete passenger locator form (PLF) ahead of time

Before you arrive at your destination, you may be required to complete a passenger locator form (PLF) or an equivalent. This ensures authorities can contact you if necessary. The online form must be completed within a certain period, usually in the 48 hours before arrival.

Complete health declaration form ahead of time

Your destination country may require you to complete a health declaration form online before arrival. You need to do so within the correct time frame, or you may be denied boarding.

^at time writing of this article – 7/3/2022 

Buying travel insurance with Covid-19 coverage means you will be covered if you are infected with Covid-19 before or during your trip.

If you fall ill in a country outside Southeast Asia, medical bills can be high, so a good travel insurance policy with selected cover for Covid-19 is recommended.

Being covered by Allianz Travel insurance with Epidemic/Pandemic coverage including Covid-19*, you'll have access to 24/7 medical Assistance, and you'll be protected* against related costs. For example, Allianz Travel's Platinum Plan includes unlimited** Medical Coverage, inclusive of Covid-19-related medical costs if you contract Covid-19 during your trip. With all Allianz Travel insurance policies, you'll be able to get medical care at a hospital - who can bill us direct* (based on selected medical coverage).

*Subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and benefits limits of the policy wording. For more information please click on the Policy Wording to read the Allianz Travel Policy Wording.
**Unlimited - Where used, the term ‘Unlimited’ means there is no capped dollar amount. Terms, conditions, limits, sub-limits and exclusions apply as set out in the Policy Wording. All costs and expenses claimed must be necessary and reasonable. Subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and benefits limits of the policy wording. For more information please click on the Policy Wording to read the Allianz Travel Policy Wording

Do all Allianz Travel Insurance Singapore plans include selected cover* for Covid-19?


  • Contracting Covid-19 before you travel: If you get Covid-19 before you're due to leave Singapore - or fall ill for another reason - you may lose the money you've spent on things like flights, hotels and deposits. But with Allianz Travel insurance, you'll have Cancellation Coverage of up to $15,000 with the Platinum Plan, and up to $10,000 with Silver, and up to $5,000 with Bronze.
  • Contracting Covid-19 during travel: if you or a travelling companion fall ill with Covid-19 during your trip or If you or a travelling companion are required to quarantine during your trip. Your medical cost is covered. Check more information  here.

Protection against non-Covid-19-related events

Of course, Covid-19 is not the only thing that could affect your holiday. A good travel insurance policy will include Trip Interruption Coverage, Baggage Coverage, Baggage Delay Coverage, Travel Accident Coverage, and of course Emergency Medical/Dental Coverage - all of which are included* with all Allianz Travel's Annual, Family and Single-Trip  Plans (Bronze, Silver and Platinum).

Cover for Personal Liability, Travel Accident and more

You may also require Personal Liability Coverage, Travel Accident Coverage, Travel Document  Protection, and Rental Car Damage and Theft Excess Coverage. These are available with Allianz Travel's Comprehensive Silver and Comprehensive Platinum policies (with different coverage limits*).

Cruise Cover

If you've booked a cruise, then you'll need your travel insurance policy to cover eventualities such as Missed Port of Call; Cabin Confinement, Denied Boarding; and Missed Shore Excursions. These and other benefits are included* with all Allianz Travel's Comprehensive Platinum Plans.

Singaporean residents are already familiar with Covid-19 safety measures on public transport and in shops and offices nationwide. These requirements are of course in place in airports and on planes, too.

Safety measures/recommendations include:

●       At least 1m safe distance where no masks are being worn

●       Wearing a face mask

●       Washing hands regularly

●       Seeking help immediately if you feel unwell


Other Covid-19 safety steps

●       Limit contact with frequently-touched surfaces like elevators and handrails

●       Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

●       Cover coughs and sneezes

Note that some airlines also provide disposable body covers, anti-bacterial wipes, and fresh linens and sheets before every flight.


Minimise airport time if possible

You may be able to reduce the amount of time you spend in the airport by making use of services such as: online check in; digital/mobile boarding pass generation; self-printed luggage tags; and automated baggage drops.


Covid-19 safety before and during cruises

Many of the safety precautions above have also been mandated/recommended for cruise holidays.

Your destination country will have their own set of requirements for Covid-19 safety. These are likely to include familiar measures such as mask wearing and social distancing. However, make sure you stay up-to-date on what is expected of you once you arrive at your destination.

Car travel

If you travel by car to your destination, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce the chances of getting infected with Covid-19. These include:

●       Making as few stops as possible

●       Packing food so you don’t need to stop at restaurants

●       Using drive-through restaurants if you do need to buy food

●       Using disinfectant wipes on handles and buttons at fuel stations


Choosing a Covid-19 safe hotel or rental

Before you book your hotel or holiday rental, you may wish to find out what Covid-19 precautions they are taking. Look out for hotels that carry out:

●       Social distancing measures

●       Enhanced cleaning procedures

●       Masking of staff and guests

●       Contactless payment options

●       Protocols in case a guest becomes sick (e.g. closing the applicable room for cleaning and disinfecting)


Packing list

Taking these items with you on your travels will help minimise the chances of contracting Covid-19:

●       Face masks

●       Alcohol-based hand sanitizer (minimum 60% alcohol)

●       Tissues

●       Disinfectant wipes (minimum70% alcohol) for surfaces

●       Thermometer

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