Thalassotherapy, also known as seawater therapy, is a type of therapeutic process where it uses warm ocean water. The explanation behind this activity is that the sea water minerals help balance the natural chemicals of the body.

This type of treatment is one good way to relieve body pains, & regain mental well-being. It helps treat back pains, swollen parts, take away stress, has post natal benefit, promotes weight loss and many more.

Regardless if you're doing some preventative measures or you're searching to relieve your aches, the seawater can help nourish your health. For individuals who are suffering from blood circulation illnesses or swelling of muscles will have the advantage to benefit from hydrotherapy sessions.

Who can do it?

This type of therapy is for anyone, whether you are young or old. However, there are some limitations for people suffering from some vascular illnesses, unclear fracture, post pregnancies and especially, people who are having some iodine allergies. If you have one of these sicknesses, always contact your doctor before going to the activity.

The past few years, thalassotherapy spas’ clients are mostly ladies and retired individuals. However, as years go by, more and more young & active professionals are signing up for the therapy.

Some practical advice

To take full advantage of your thalassotherapy cure, follow these recommendations:

  • Carefully choose your cure according to what you need and want. The spa’s doctor will be able to advise you.

  • Don’t over pack your bags. Take along non-slip sandals, two bathing suits and a bathing cap (obligatory for group treatments and in the relaxation pool), a sports ensemble and moisturising creams for face, body and hair. The spa will provide you with a bathrobe, washcloths and towels.

  • If you have any problem while travelling, don’t wait until you get home to consult a doctor. The regulating doctor of your assistance company is available to discuss any questions or doubts you may have about your health. He/she can provide useful advice, contact your family doctor and organize a consultation wherever you are.

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