About Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is known to be the use of water to treat or prevent certain illnesses. There are a lot of ways to use the water to treat such sickness. These include bubble bath, pharyngeal & relaxation showers, thermal vapors, and many more. Moreover, other activities associated to water therapy also help the treatment process. These include body massage, exercises for relaxation, yoga, gymnastics, and basic stretching. Hydro-therapy salons and spas are found almost all over the world. Hydro-therapy establishments offer customized medical cures, while some offers services that are concentrated to relaxation or pleasure. Currently, a lot of these spas provide programs to that help clients to get in shape, prevent and treat bad back bones, weight loss, stress relief, tobacco rehabilitation and other post-natal related anxiety.

Who can do it?

This type of treatment is mostly recommended for people who are suffering from illnesses such as rheumatism or osteoarthritis; serious skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema; people with vascular problems; addiction rehabilitation; diabetic; individuals with respiratory issues like bronchitis; and obese.

Every water spa house creates their own customized specialties depending on the resources they have such as the type of water being used, the climate they have, the altitude of the location and the specialized skills of their healthcare teams have.

Nonetheless, be reminded that there are some contraindications with using thermal treatment especially for people who have cardio-vascular conditions, cancer, & extreme respiratory problems. Always stick to the basics to consult your doctors first before going into the cure.

Tips Before You Go

Although everyone is suitable to do thermal treatment, it must follow some instructions to obtain the full benefits. Make sure you have made an advance plan to take the therapy. Here are some practical advices that can help you maximize the full advantage in getting a hydro-therapy treatment:

a. Consult your doctor for some recommendations before taking the treatment.
b. Check with your current health insurance if they support such treatments so that you can avail reimbursement of payments.
c. Communicate with the thermal therapy spa in advance to reserve your treatment dates.
d. Bring swimming attire with you e.g. bathing suites, plastics sandals, shower caps and some fitness clothes.

If you are going to encounter any issue while traveling, don’t hold on until you go back home to check with a doctor. The regulating physician of your travel insurance assistance firm is available to talk about any queries you may want to tell. This doctor can provide you useful tips and recommendations.

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