Do not mail us your claims anymore...

It’s sometimes really tedious to file a claim.

Imagine, after your trip, you need to call your insurance company and download a claims form, then write and answer to lots of questions. You then need to prepare the hardcopy of supporting documents and visit a post office to mail them to file your claim. We have reshaped this. Travel insurance in Singapore is now more convenient with us.

How is it like with us now?

Simply submit your claims via our online claim portal by following its easy 3-steps. You can just take a photo of supporting documents with your mobile phone (or with your laptop!). It usually takes less than 5 minutes. No more wasting your time on filling up the claims form or filing the hardcopy of your supporting documents*. Just sit back and relax, then we will get back to you.

*Note: Each claim is unique and will be assessed based on its merit. We would, from time to time, request further information from you, for us to assess your claim. You do not need to send us original documents, however we require you to keep all original documents for 6 months from the date of submission, in the event we need to sight them. We would like to remind you, that we will deny claims that are either dishonest or of fraudulent nature, and such claims will be referred to the appropriate authorities.

1. Provide your personal details and choose the benefits you are claiming. - checkbox

2. Take photo (or scan) your supporting documents and upload them. - photo-camera

3. Provide your bank account details. That's it! - credit-card

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