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Special Announcement

The Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a government advisory dated 26 July 2019 against non-essential travel to Hong Kong, as a result of potentially violent protests occurring over several weeks. Therefore, no cover will be provided for any claims, losses or damages in such connection unless the travel policy was purchased before 26 July 2019.

Reimagining travel protection for a greater customer experience. Just submit your claims via our online claim portal - It only takes a few minutes.

Celebrating the new year, with our new online claims experience, our customers do not need to submit original copies of documents no matter whether an unfortunate event has caused delays of flight or costly medical bills. Our customers can now just simply scan or take a photo of documents and submit the softcopies via our online claim portal.

Follow these 3 easy steps to complete your online claim submission.

STEP 1 - to-do-list

Fill in your personal details and choose the benefits for which you are making a claim.

STEP 2 - camera

Take a photo or a scan of your supporting documents and upload them.

STEP 3 - house_02

Provide your bank account details under 'Payment Details'.

If you have any difficulties submitting your claims through our online claim portal, please call us at +65 6327 2215 or email us at

Note: Each claim is unique and will be assessed based on its merit. We would, from time to time, request further information from you, for us to assess your claim. You do not need to send us original documents, however we require you to keep all original documents for 6 months from the date of submission, in the event we need to sight them. We would like to remind you, that we will deny claims that are either dishonest or of fraudulent nature, and such claims will be referred to the appropriate authorities.

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