Singapore's Zika Virus

Singapore Zika cases reached 454: Men must wait 6 months before procreating

As of 29 Nov 2016, National Environment Agency has reported 454 of cumulative Zira cases in Singapore. The following locations are reported as an active Zika cluster:

Singapore Zika Cluster (Source: NEA)

AljuniedCres(95, 97, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111 ,112)
Balam Rd (Blk 29)
Bedok Nth Ave 2 (Blk 514)
Bedok Nth Ave 3 (Blk 404, 405, 507)
Bedok Nth St 3 (Blk 525) 5
CircuitRd(61, 85)
Circuit Rd (Blk 35)
Crescent 4
Elite Ter
Fidelio St
Geylang EastAve1(126)
Geylang EastCtrl(122)
Hougang Ave 7 (Blk 325) 
Jln Raya 3
Joo Seng Rd (Blk 17, 18, 21)
Jln Tua Kong
Jln Tua Kong (Park East)
PayaLebarWay(120, 121, 122, 123)
PipitRd(54, 56, 92A) 298
Sengkang Ctrl (Blk 272C)
Sengkang East Ave (Blk 279C) 2
Siglap Rd (Flamingo Valley) 13
SimsDr(42A, 43, 44)
SimsPl(52, 53)
Tua Kong Green
Ubi Ave 1
Vernon Pk 4

The United States is recommending those males who have been exposed to the Zika virus must wait at least six months before procreating.

It also asks them to consider using condoms as a protection during the period to avoid contaminating their partner, at least six months before procreating. It is the advice by American health authorities for men who had potentially been exposed to the Zika virus, which increases the risk of irreversible congenital malformations in the foetus (microcephaly).  

Women must wait at least eight weeks

Because in most cases it goes unnoticed, this advice applies regardless of whether women have shown symptoms of the infection.

Women who are looking to have a baby and who have been infected by the Zika virus must wait at least eight weeks from when the symptoms first appeared before trying to conceive.

(Source: NPR)