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Going to an overseas trip this holiday season? From our vast years of experience in the insurance business, we got the best insights and expertise in providing the best value of protection to travelers, whether they’re on the road or in the air, far away countries or right on their homes. It is always our utmost pleasure to offer our advice to you to help keep you in good health and confidence in any condition, and finally getting you to your destination with a peace of mind.

Travel Tips and Advice

My Travel Checklist, Advisory, and FAQ

What To Pack - things to pack for travel

Travel Advisory - advices for travel

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Millions of people rely on us! With 1 intervention every 2 seconds, Allianz Global Assistance is the worldwide leader in travel insurance and assistance services. With a range of cover for individuals, couples and families with Single Trip, Annual Multi-Trip, or Business Travel options : our global network will have you covered 24/7.
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