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Our Values

We care about our customers, colleagues and partners. We strive to understand them and their needs.

Our Values

We care about our customers, colleagues and partners. We strive to understand them and their needs.


We encourage open dialogues and harmonious working relations. It is our passion for people that makes a difference.

‘Our greatest asset is our customer, our goal is to treat each customer as if they are the only one and to show them that we really care about their situation. People don’t care how much you know, but they know how much you care by the way you listen.’ Marlies. Employee, Netherlands


We are a Global Family, and are truly connected to one another around the world. We respect and value each other’s opinions, perspectives, skills and experiences. We strive to achieve Group goals together by continually learning from one another and sharing knowledge.

" The Allianz Global Assistance network covers all locations, languages and cultures worldwide. People around you have so much knowledge. Don’t be afraid to talk to them.” Suzanne. Employee, Canada


Our curiosity drives us to stay one step ahead, to think outside the box and take initiatives to respond promptly to market changes. The result? We surprise both external and internal customers with our innovative, creative, timely solutions.

" I believe being proactive in my every day role allows me to understand the challenges my team faces and ensures we are adaptive to change.” Daniel. Employee, Australia.


Our Guarantee of Excellence is our mark of professionalism. Excellence is not static, so we never rest on our laurels. We keep our skills and expertise up to date so that we can provide customers with best-in-class, quality services every time.

Trust - The Core of Who We Are

Our mission to ‘help people anytime, anywhere’ would mean nothing without the trust of our customers and colleagues. Earning their trust is about walking the talk. It’s about being honest, reliable and dedicated, and delivering on promises with concrete actions. Trust comes when you act with integrity, transparency and respect. It is the foundation on which we operate, and the very core of who we are.

" By being the one person customers can rely on from beginning to end we earn trust and deliver a unique customer experience.” Kalandra. Employee, USA