Property & Others

Getting personal: Your property is our concern

Property “breakdown”. You all know what this means – a broken water pipe, a faulty electrical system, a branch that falls and damages the roof. Some of you may have even experienced natural catastrophes. Whatever your business, whoever your customers, we’re here to help you help them if adversity strikes.

Property Assistance

Property Assistance – two small words for a great big offer. From a leaky faucet to a flooded community, we have a flexible, customised solution to meet your needs. 24/7. We also offer telesecurity home and office surveillance, protection services and warranties for your credit cards and cell phones, CRM programs, concierge services and round-the-clock information call centres for public inquiries. For us, it’s all about getting closer to you to take better care of you and your belongings.

Event cancellation

How many of you have bought tickets for something - and missed it because work, family obligations, health problems or transportation woes prevented you from going? To find out exactly how you feel about this problem, we conducted a survey.

The majority said you wanted to be reimbursed if an unforeseen incident occurred, and 73% expected the insurance cost to be 5% of the ticket cost. Well, we have good news! Our event ticket insurance ensures you against the cost of your ticket plus any associated costs, such as shipping, should you miss an event. And it costs 5% of the overall ticket! Let’s just say that we’ve tried to think of everything because we care and want to make life’s occasional upsets easier to bear.