Health & LifeCare

We care about your Health. And your Life.

A few years ago, we launched Health and Lifecare Assistance, our 3rd business line. It has grown ever since its creation. Healthcare Assistance focuses specifically on your health. It offers more specialised services that provide information, comfort, support and coordination. Lifecare Assistance focuses on your daily well-being - meeting your personal needs at home or work.

Dynamic times for a healthy sector

Around the world populations are getting older and becoming increasingly dependent. This global trend will fuel our future growth in the health sector. As in previous years, we continue to focus on “dependency” and on our world’s ageing population. If you are an elderly person, chances are you want to stay in your home for as long as possible. If you are a supporting family member, chances are you are looking for a solution that makes financial and logistical sense. And you want your relative to be safe and comfortable in their home.
We are also tuned in to a younger population with entirely different needs. In fact, our Impatriate Services also enjoy steady growth. This is especially true in Australia where we are market leader, mostly due to our partnering activities with local universities and schools.


These are short or long-term services to help you recover if you are temporarily dependent, or stay at home if you are permanently so. These services are mostly for those with serious health issues and dependent seniors. But we’re also thinking about your supporting relatives and have assistance for them too!
Dependency programs are aimed at adults depending on other adults in their daily life, namely elderly people. Dependency programs may provide medical support (including telemedicine, delivery of medical equipment), housing assistance (meal delivery and others), based on preliminary evaluation of the patient’s general situation. The main objective of dependency programs is to help maintain elderly people at home as long as possible, providing for a large range of services to ensure a secure home-stay.
Personal Response Services: Home Monitoring, teleassistance and telemedicine
We know how important it is to be able to reach someone immediately when you’re not feeling well. So we offer state-of-the-art technological devices that monitor your home and facilitate communication, location and triggering alarms. These services range from tele-assistance to tele-medicine. What we want you to know is that even if you feel vulnerable, we’re watching over and caring for you 24/7.

Home monitoring is aimed at patients who need constant, long-term, medical control while staying at home. Home monitoring is based on the provision of a technical device, installed in the patient’s home, and equiped with an alarm mechanism connected 24/7 to an assistance platform. This service and use of the medical device can also be associated with care services for optimised patient support.

It's possible to receive long term monitoring (related to support for the elderly) or, after hospitalisation, as follow-up to an acute illness or consequences of an accident (to monitor vital medical data until the patient is risk-free).The main objective of home monitoring is to ensure a patient’s security and well-being within his home, and to avoid long-term hospitalisation if not medically necessary.
Expatriates, Impatriates and Depatriates
We provide semi-permanent or long-term medical assistance and travel insurance for students and employees because we know that the unexpected can happen anywhere. We offer impatriate coverage in your destination country, mostly as a condition for granting a visa.

These programs target people travelling for business or studying abroad and for a limited stay or a longer period (not as tourists) who will need to use the local medical system, with a potential link to standard international assistance services particularly repatriation.  

Expatriate program:

Subscribed to in the main country of residence before leaving   Impatriate program: proposed in the destination country (condition for a visa or others)   Depatriate program: organisation of medical services abroad for people who live in countries with poor or insufficient medical structures   These programs provide medical referrals with a guarantee of quality and cost-efficiency, claims management (payments, reimbursements) and support for any health matters.

Disease Management and Patient Suport (for Pharmaceutical companies)

If you suffer from a chronic disease, impairment or abnormal functioning, then you may fully benefit from these assistance services. They also target consumers of prescription drugs. For the best results, we require active participation on your part.

Disease management is for patients with chronic diseases (diabetes, asthma, heart failure, cancer, etc.). Disease management provides treatment monitoring and support for patients with defined, cost-intensive illnesses, and requires an active participation ton behalf of the patients themselves. The main objective of these programmes is to monitor the patient’s needs related to his/her disease (medical and care services) in order to improve their lifestyle and health conditions. The programmes also offer support for preventive action to ensure well-being and avoid hospitalisation.
Rehabilitation Management
Rehabilitation is for those who have been severely injured in an accident and who need support reorganising their environment according to their new medical/life situation so as to be able to return to normal life as soon as possible.

Rehabilitation programmes provide four main types of services: coordination of medical help; care management; coordination of home adaptation and provision of any other medical necessity; and professional rehabilitation. The main objective of these programmes is to help people navigate through a very complex medical and administrative system and to ensure a rational use of the services covered by the insurance contracts.