What to Do When You’re Locked Out - Before Calling a Locksmith

Being locked out of your home can be an upsetting experience - for you and your family. It's one of those home emergencies that needs to be resolved immediately.

Common reasons for being locked out of your home include:

●     Lost key/key locked inside home

●     Damaged key

●     Key broken inside lock

●     Damaged lock

●     Jammed lock

The natural response for many Singaporeans is to call a 24 hour locksmith. But sometimes the issue can be resolved very quickly with a little perseverance - saving you a call out fee.

Try these first before calling a Singapore locksmith...

If your key is lost or damaged, does another family member or relative have a spare one? Do you keep a spare key in a secret location outside? If so, you can collect it and access your home - before getting another copy made.Old, worn out wiring is one of the most common issues with a home electrical system. It is also one of the most dangerous. Wiring can degrade over time, potentially creating an electrical fire risk. Older wiring systems can also become outdated by new safety legislation/standards.
If the key doesn't appear to work in the lock, ask a friend or neighbour for some oil, or buy some. Spray-on oil like WD40 is ideal. This can work especially well on older locks that are a little "stuck" - and is often the first thing a locksmith will try.
In some cases the key or lock pins become worn. Wiggle the key around and see if you can unlock the door. Spend a few minutes trying this, moving the key in slowly and from side to side. Ideally, lubricate the lock before you do this.
Doors are very heavy, placing a lot of pressure on the hinges. As such doors often “drop” over time - which can impact the operation of the lock. Ask someone to lift up the door as you try turning the key. This often works. Once inside, you can organise repairs on the door.
By pulling the door towards you, any "stuck" lock components may shift around and the lock may work again. This approach is often effective.

If you have tried all of the above and still can't get into your home, it’s time to call a locksmith. They should have the experience and tools to fix the lock. As well as private front door lock repair and replacement, they can help with HBD gate/door lock replacement. Whether you need a locksmith in Jurong, Bukit Merah, Woodlands or elsewhere, 24 hour services are available island-wide.

However, it’s not always easy to find a reputable emergency locksmith. And even the cheapest Singapore locksmith can make a dent in your household finances.

It's important to educate your children about the hazards posed by electricity. It's particularly important not to overload power strips, extension cords and adapters. Ensure everything in their room is unplugged at night.