5 Reasons Easy Home is a Practical Alternative to Home Insurance Add-On for Home Emergencies

Many home insurance policies include home emergency call-outs for things like plumbing and electric faulty problems.

Easy Home could be a more practical and affordable alternative to home insurance add-on products for home emergencies. It provides your home with 24/7 home emergency assistance, with from 4 call-outs per year.

You never know when your next home emergency will happen, or how much the repair will cost. Home repair costs can range from $40 to $500**.

But as an Easy Home subscriber you won’t have to worry. We’ll send a professional out who will aim to fix the issue quickly - whether it relates to plumbing, electrics, pests or locks, as well as home appliance repair and device data recovery.

If you’re looking for worry-free home assistance, Easy Home could be for you. You’ll still get access to 24/7 home emergency assistance*, but you won’t need to pay a cent extra - and there are no hidden charges.

Don’t risk having to pay a large, unexpected repair bill for your next home emergency.

**Subject to online market rates

*Subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and benefits limits of the Easy Home Service Agreement. For more information please click on the Service Agreement to read the Allianz Assistance Easy Home Service Agreement.

1Home multi-appliance assistance only applicable for Silver and Gold plans, and device data recovery protection only applicable for Gold plans.

2For pest control, Service Providers are not available at night.

**Subject to online market rates

> $40

> $150

> $300

> $80

> $300

> $600

$47 / Year

No Suprise Repair Costs


^Allianz Assistance Case Report 2020: 1.24 home emergencies occurred per household

**Subject to online market rates

How much do home emergencies cost to resolve?

Without a subscription plan like Easy Home or a home insurance add-on for home emergencies, you would need to pay for home emergency repairs/services as they arise. These costs would depend on the nature of the problem and how difficult it is to remedy. For example, plumbing costs can range from S$60 to S$500** while monthly pest control costs are S$30 - S$40** . But more costly, perhaps, is having to take time off work to oversee an electrician, plumber or pest control operative - not to mention the inconvenience of temporarily losing access to showers, power, sleeping areas etc. A subscription can mean the issue is fixed soon after it occurs - and without any surprise charges to deal with.

An Easy Home subscription plan is a simple, cost-effective alternative to a home insurance with emergency home assistance add-on, giving you complete peace of mind that if something happens to your home, help is just a phone call away. Prices start from $47 per year - and no surprise repair costs
With Easy Home, you get 24/7 home emergency support for plumbing, electrical faulty, pestsand lock problems - but you also get home multi-appliance cover^^, with up to 2 home multi-appliance breakdowns covered per year* - an alternative product in a subscription plan.  You’ll also get device data recovery, for if you lose access to data on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It all adds up to easy living in your home.
With Easy Home, you can call us out from 4 times a year* - which is sufficient for most households. By comparison, home insurance add-ons are often limited by coverage amount, which means you may be charged extra if a repair is costly to complete, or if the limit was reached on a previous call-out.
When a home emergency strikes, Easy Home subscribers won’t need to worry about tracking down a reputable service provider, and they won’t need to deal with the anxiety of paying unexpected repair bills. Surprise charges may worsen an already stressful event - and can make it tougher to stay within your annual household budget.

Whether you discover a leaking pipe at midnight or an electrical problem at 5am, our service providers are ready to help, 24/7*. And you won’t need to hunt around for a reliable tradesperson - giving you extra peace of mind should a home emergency arise.

Simply call Allianz Assistance, and we will arrange for the remedial work through our network of plumbers, electricians, locksmiths and pest control, home appliance repair and data recovery professionals, who are all highly experienced and regularly reviewed by Allianz Assistance Singapore.

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*Subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and benefits limits of the Easy Home Service Agreement. For more information please click on the Service Agreement to read the Allianz Assistance Easy Home Service Agreement.

^^Home multi-appliance assistance only applicable for Silver and Gold plans, and device data recovery protection only applicable for Gold plans.

Allianz Assistance Easy Home

24/7 Home Assistance

Subscription Plan From $47 / Year*

No Repair Bills. No Unexpected Costs

  • 24/7 Emergency Home Assistance (Plumbing, Electrical, Locks, Pest), Home Multi-Appliances & Data Recovery
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  • From 4 Call Outs a Year - No Suprise Repair Costs
  • One Phone Call Away 24/7* - we will arrange for the repair through our network of home service professionals
*Price inclusive of GST 7%
Easy Home subscription plan will help you save money. No repair bills. No unexpected costs.
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eing locked out of your home can be an upsetting experience - for you and your family. It's one of those home emergencies that needs to be resolved immediately.

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6 Reasons to Buy Easy Home with Home Multi-Appliance Repair (TV, Fridge and More)   

Discover how Easy Home subscription plan includes home appliance repair^^ while saving you both time and money.  With a comprehensive home assistance, you’re also covered for other home emergencies not only home appliance repair^^ but also other 24/7 home assistance*, such as plumbing, electrical faults, pests, and locksmiths. What’s more, It could remove the need for costly extended warranties. It could be a great alternative product for your multiple home appliances on call out basis.

^^Home multi-appliance assistance only applicable for Silver and Gold plans