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April 03, 2018

Have you ever been worried about losing your passport abroad?

What happens? How do you get home to Singapore?

July 03, 2018

The land of the rising sun has some incredible sights and experiences to explore and witness.

Here are our top 9 things that you must not miss in Japan.

Jan 27, 2017

Most Singaporeans know Taipei. However, few know about Taichung, which is an hour away from Taipei.

Here's Top 9 things to do when you visit there next.

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You don’t need magic to disappear. All you need is a destination (and this blog…).

Are you always worrying on too many things about your travels?

Where should I visit in Indonesia? What should I eat in JB? What to do if my wallet is stolen in Europe?

Find yourself worrying about issues like that?

Stop thinking about all these stuff.

Travel should be peaceful… worry-free… pleasant… and any great adjectives that you can think of right now.

Introducing Where To Go Ah #wtga, powered by Allianz Global Assistance Singapore.

Rejuvenate your travel in one click.

Fresh and unique travel information will be regularly posted on this blog (and also some exclusive travel benefits if you are our newsletter subscriber).

So, Where To Go Ah? #wtga

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